Life and work as a grand experiment

Imagine approaching everything in life as a grand experiment. A constant process of refinement to move towards greater harmony. And since the playing field is also constantly changing, there is no there. There is always and only play. This works, this doesn’t. Adjust, repeat. A state of forever beta. The trouble comes when we get fixated on a way of … Read More

Work as devotion

Devotion from Latin devovere= dedicated by vow, from ancient Latin, ‘act of consecrating by vow’ Mindlessness is going about things without deep thought or connection. Its not that we do not think, it is that our thinking and actions are not anchored in our body, heart and soul.  A disconnection from heart and intuition. The ‘walking head’ experience. And as … Read More

Entrepreneurial focus, coherence, identity and charisma

When something really matters it requires disciplined focus. But a creative entrepreneur’s mind is naturally roving across multiple scenarios, antenna’s tuned for opportunity. This is the tension that most entrepreneurs encounter. How to bring all the seemingly disparate pieces into a coherent focus. Intuitively I have known that now is the time to do this with a heightened level of … Read More

The threshold of fear. Do we step through or retreat?

Now is that moment where we need to push through fear. Your brain tells you that it is right. The pieces stack up, your integrity is in check. Your intuition says it is right. Indeed every part of you is in alignment that this action is the action to take. But fear is present. This action is going to surface … Read More

Crossing the threshold from an idea to a business

There comes a time when an idea needs to transform onto solid ground. As a serial entrepreneur, ideas are a never scarce. But to hold them close in the form of an idea is to deliver a still born. At some critical juncture, the idea needs form. It needs to be rooted in structure. This extends well beyond a business … Read More

Change, Sacred Cows, Trusted Coaches

I have been a squad swimmer for about 17 years, 3 times a week, minimum of 3.4 kms per session. Regular. As. Clockwork. For the last 8 months my swimming has not been up to par. Effort has been present. Certainly willingness and commitment. But my times have been down. Last week my coach got me to do one thing … Read More

On the question of personal power and surrogacy

In the award winning but chilling movie, No Country for Old Men, there is a scene between the psychopath Anton and a woman called Carla Jean, an innocent bystander. If you have not seen the movie, Anton Chigurh kills people with complete disassociation from humanity. It is his chilling absence of emotion that makes his character so compelling and repulsive. … Read More

Why Dare to Care? Why radical truth with compassion? Why did we chose this name?

There are many programs available that deal with similar concepts around having the difficult, critical, crucial, fierce, non-violent conversations. We in wealthy nations live in a post modern, pluralistic world, where the unwritten code is non judgement, non violence, happiness, and all things sugar and nice. I am not anti these things, I just know that all of these things … Read More

The Shift Has Already Occurred-Wake up

The past few weeks I have been feeling very restless, looking for and finding distractions, not able to focus for any period of time. I am an avid and committed observer of the world news, current affairs, plus have been studying history, and daily read from my greatest teacher, R Buckminster Fuller. Bucky talked about prognostication, that in order to … Read More