Our unique and beautiful pattern integrity

I find myself sitting in this question. When we grow up to another stage of human development, does the operating principles of the Universe also grow up with us? Or in my case, does the operating principles of the Universe direct us clearly to grow up by no longer working in the formulamatic way of linear goal setting? The world … Read More

Into the well of spiritual exhaustion

It amazes me that I have been a guest of this world for 54 years. Like many people I speak to in my generation, we feel as vital as we did in our thirties, yet the reflection in the mirror sometimes shocks. “Who is that person!” More scary, the reflection in our many devises as we look down to send … Read More

A burst of light..can hit you at anytime

After a wonderful rich conversation with Cindy Wigglesworth today on the subject of her life work, Spiritual Intelligence, she defines spiritual as the innate human need to be connected with something larger than self. It is hard to look at the daily, generative, consistent rising of the sun, in all its beauty, differences, colours…and not allow oneself to be connected … Read More

Owning the spotlight of your life

A stranger is captured in their own golden spotlight, produced by the almighty sun. And they didn’t even know it…. I love this metaphor….how many times a day might we each be standing, without even knowing, in a spotlight? Each of us a star. We forget…how easy is it to forget our own brilliance. Not the egoic high founded in … Read More

MH17, Gaza, Microsoft…its 2.23AM and its time to change

I am at the end of a seven stage series on how to deal with loss of a business. For today July 18th 2014 (Australian time), this last piece will have to wait. I started the 2.23AM project because I believe beyond question that beneath the glossy glamour of success, status, companies as empires, busy-ness, consumerism, not-enoughness….is a human heart … Read More

What to do when your business crashes and you lose it all. Stage 5 (of 7) Silence

You have reached rock bottom. You are able to speak about your crash/loss without shame and guilt, bringing humility and compassion to the story. Now you enter a stage of silence. All the noise, panic, haste, fear, confusion, upset, anger, shame, paralysis…goes away. There is just silence and spaciousness. It feels peaceful. The world looks different, because it is different. … Read More

What to do when your business crashes and you lose it all. Part 3 (of 7) Shedding

If you fill a container with too much gas at some point the container will explore. Simple physics. Our lives are filled to the brim. Social media, TV, family, sports commitments with kids, work, commutes, handling all of your stuff, buying more stuff, balancing the budget (or not), climbing the ladder of life….it goes on and on.  Our internal energy … Read More