When collapse is a good thing

As an endurance runner we most often have clear signals that the body needs rest or fuel. The signals usually start with more subtle hints, a niggle here, a slight feeling of weakness. When we fail to pay attention to these signals, they get louder. If we continue to ignore them, then we will get collapse. And the collapse will … Read More

The value of one small step repeated every day

As a marathon runner I know the value of the next small step. And then the next. And the next. Eventually you will have stepped 42.275kms. Most anyone can do this. The question is always..how long will it take? Sometimes our focus on the time it takes is the wrong focus. I know many people who don’t start a marathon … Read More

On endurance, starting a business and running a marathon

Yesterday I ran my 9th Gold Coast Marathon, and about my 20th marathon in total. There is no easy way to run a marathon. It is a test for anyone who shows up at the start line. A marathon has a mythic quality to it, carrying the history of the first marathon and all the millions of people around the … Read More

The Value of Habit

For over 18 years I have had a morning practice. It goes something like this. Awake before 4 am (usually without the need of an alarm). Do some contemplation, meditation, prayer, writing… as best feels appropriate for the day. Eat something light. Check emails. On Tuesday’s, Thursdays, Saturdays an Sundays I am running by 5 am, sometimes at 4.30 (Summer … Read More

Swimming Australia, Head Coaches, Taking Responsibility and Captain Asoh

For the last 15 years I have been a coach. Not the one of the sports field blowing the whistle, but the coach of executives, business people and entrepreneurs and their teams. I have also been an adult squad swimmer for 17 years, 3x per week, regular as clockwork. I define coaching for individuals as the ability to see your … Read More

When Gods Fall

The fall of James Magnussen, Australian Olympic Swim team, London 2012 All of us have at some time fallen hard to Earth. Our hubris, arrogance, superiority and judgement have hit us so hard that we have been left gasping for air, mortified, humiliated, shamed and broken. In the early hours of Monday morning July 30th, Australian time, a team of … Read More

On the subject of Grant Hackett

While I do not know Grant personally, I swim at his home pool, and watched him train for years. I watched him show up for kids, for fund raisers, always with a smile. He is a big guy, but he always came across as being kind and thoughtful. He was raised by very good people, and this shows. As an … Read More

Year review – endurance running and swimming

In 2011 I ran at least 3,380 kms in total. (I have run over 50,000 kms in the last 16 years.) Swam  approximately 572 kms I ran my 8th Gold Coast Marathon on very limited training (maximum run distance was 18 kms..for non-marathon runners, you usually train up to 37 kms in one run) and came in with a 3 … Read More

Running trails, high frequency tuneable sets, a body singing

How to explain to non runners the feeling of running when you hit the high note? A natural high, the body, nature, beauty, freedom, and low level flying. This passed weekend I participated, for the second year in a row, in The Lamington Classic. This event, now 42 years old, is one of the oldest, if not the oldest trail … Read More