A singular focus – the act of personal bests, repeated

As the Olympics wrap up for 2016 and the sports mad nation of Australia contemplates our successes and misses in Rio I am reminded of one of our great athletes, Ian Thorpe. As a 3x per week swimmer for 20 or so years, I know a little bit about the black line. About early mornings, and hours and hours that … Read More

Knowing when to push, when to surrender and when to quit

My life has been about going hard, pushing, struggle, winning. It has felt like the Sisyphus journey, constantly pushing a boulder up hill, only to have it slip back down again almost as I reach the top. Recently I have been exploring the life of ease and flow. Tuning into the pace of the Universe, the pace of the unfolding … Read More

Accidents do happen – enough of the blame and shame game

  There is negligence, intentional acts, and then there are accidents. No intention, simply everything aligned at exactly the wrong time to create an unexpected and awful outcome. We live in a society that likes to find someone, or something to blame. Ideally one specific person. We have taken children’s play grounds apart because of the fear of damage to … Read More

Why loving your body, managing your health is good for business

Trash the instrument and there is not going to be a great sound. It matters not how pressing the demand, how big the task, how much is a stake. If you do not care for the instrument, your body, your health, then at some point you will break. And when you break there will be little opportunity to do great … Read More

Resources to bring you back when the bogies bite as an entrepreneur

Life is about days or weeks when we feel bullet proof and days when we feel useless, broken, failed. No one is exempt, except maybe the delusional. If you are admiring a rock star in your field, a trail blazer in business, then certain as the sun will rise tomorrow they too go through days or weeks or months when … Read More

When to go hard and when to step back – in business, sport, life.

As a long distance runner with decades of experience I have learned, often the hard way, the difference between the times to go hard and bust through thresholds and the times to take a back seat, maybe take some time off, or at the least, take it easy. It’s a fine line of discrimination. And the nexus point is our … Read More

3 keys to winning as the underdog – John Bertrand, skipper Australia 11

On the 30th anniversary of Australia winning the America’s cup, and the morning the USA team repeated the effort from 8 down. 3 Keys to Winning- John Bertrand, Skipper Australia 11,  30 years ago, quoted this morning “All of these needed to be world class 1. Management 2. Technology 3. Team and the coherence between the team” For non Aussies … Read More