Perfectly imperfect – do I need fixing? Do you need fixing?

I have recently encountered an experience where a very well intended, good hearted soul has sort to ‘fix’ me. It has raised for me some significant questions. Am I broken and in need of fixing? Are you broken and in need of fixing? Are we broken and in need of fixing? I ponder why I was so triggered by the … Read More

Attention without feeling is only a report

“Attention without feeling is only a report” Mary Oliver One of the saddest aspects of our current commercial, success, status and achievement based culture is that we have taught millions of kids, mostly men, to grow up completely disconnected from their heart, feelings and intuition. In a recent experience I came to realise that I was being seen not as … Read More

The archetype of the guest – a forgotten art

Have we forgotten how to be guests? To be invited to join? To bow in gratitude at being invited? To honour the host? Have we forgotten that to be invited is an honour? That you get invited while others do not? That effort has gone into the occasion of which you have been invited? Do we show up as a … Read More

Those who know the price of everything and the value of nothing

When we reduce everything to a monetary price and find ourselves arguing over the pennies, we have forgotten the value of so much more that would ever live in the pure transactional exchange. In the reduction of our consideration of the whole ecosystem to money, we forget humanity, effort, love, care, relationships, the past, the future. We squeeze out any … Read More

Fill you day surrounded by people who fill your being with more than they take

Simple really. As we get more commitments and our schedule becomes heavily booked, we have to start making choices that are more energetically aligned. Choices that fill us with joy, enliven us… This means saying no to conversations that are space fillers…like gossip…or complaining…it might even mean stopping complaining altogether. Raise the bar. Cut the crap. Stop. Say yes to … Read More

You have to move – Universe does not respond to inertia

Nothing happens until someone/you…moves. (Albert Einstein) On some level it doesn’t matter what the movement is…as long as there is movement. Buckminster Fuller described it as precession…and until you move there is no possibility of a precessional effect, which is natures main effect. Go for the goal and get the precession. Go for the honey and get life on Earth. … Read More