How to massively expand your Universe – overcoming rejection

Some time ago I was sitting with my mentor and he said that I had to get over my fear of rejection. This fear, he had observed, was what was stopping me having everything I desired. I knew he was right. Rejection is situational. I have no issues with being rejected in many arena’s, yet I am paralysed by fear … Read More

Complexity addiction – simple is beautiful

Example #1 The diet/food industry. A nightmare of opinions. One day bananas are good for you, the next they are bad for you. However the rules for eating are generally very easy. 1. Eat real food. (If it is in a package, box, tin, plastic…then it is less than real food) 2. Eat mostly plant based food that has been … Read More

Naming our value – being unforgettable

  This week… A client of mine who has been an employee of a large institution for some time headhunted by a competitor, and the institution they had been working at, despite being informed of the competing offer, simply ignores it…and then is shocked when my client hands in their notice. My client feels unseen by the organisation to which … Read More

The rise of the systempreneur – one who holds space for complex emergence – akin to energetic 10 ball juggling

It is no surprise that I have spent a life with extreme difficulty in finding words to describe my work and skills. Having my core teacher be R.Buckminster Fuller, who encouraged generalisation versus specialisation, I have consciously chosen to respond to my vast curiosity and continue to be active across multiple disciplines without sinking in to the specialty of just … Read More

Perfectly imperfect – do I need fixing? Do you need fixing?

I have recently encountered an experience where a very well intended, good hearted soul has sort to ‘fix’ me. It has raised for me some significant questions. Am I broken and in need of fixing? Are you broken and in need of fixing? Are we broken and in need of fixing? I ponder why I was so triggered by the … Read More