Addicted to distraction

Question. Are you able to sit still and focus on one single task for a significant period of time? (More than 40 minutes.) Or do you find yourself checking email or social media messages every few minutes or so? We are addicted to distraction. Our world is a noisy mess of messages from a dozen or so sources, all competing … Read More

Want to do great things in the world? Applying the arrow of intention

A mother lifts a car off a trapped child, finding strength she never had. This is the power of intention. A leader walks into a packed room, says several words with the arrow of intention, and with that, people move to the action directed, without question. The arrow of intention means that every fibre of your being, every cell, is … Read More

Bully’s, victims and authorship

Most every human being I know loves acknowledgement, and to give genuine acknowledgement is a wonderful gift to give. It is the intentionality that is gifted. From your heart to my heart, or my heart to your heart. What about when this is in reverse? When the intention is to hurt or harm? When it lands in our heart like … Read More

A Meditation on Silence

Out of silence all things are made manifest. But the stuff of silence is complex. It has many faces. In meditation we seek to sit in the silence between our thoughts, that place of no-thing-ness. In our ever busier lives, there is a soul yearning for this kind of silence. It is the same place we reach in deep dreamless … Read More

On the subject of Grant Hackett

While I do not know Grant personally, I swim at his home pool, and watched him train for years. I watched him show up for kids, for fund raisers, always with a smile. He is a big guy, but he always came across as being kind and thoughtful. He was raised by very good people, and this shows. As an … Read More

Commitment to vows, giving your all, integrity

Interesting thing happened in this little time of change. I have seen more of myself, which is the point really. I need to up my own integrity, which is no surprise…if I choose integrity as my platform, then it will be where I am most challenged. Specifically, to do what I say. Or don’t say it. To the minutia. Big … Read More

The answer is always available. Always.

Have a really confusing question that you want an answer to? Or a problem that needs solving? A decision that needs making? What to do??…easy as…go to the source of all creation…the field…the infinite everything… Here is how. Grab a pen and paper, preferably your favourite journal. Take a seat, make sure your feet are on the ground. Ideally have … Read More

Year review – endurance running and swimming

In 2011 I ran at least 3,380 kms in total. (I have run over 50,000 kms in the last 16 years.) Swam  approximately 572 kms I ran my 8th Gold Coast Marathon on very limited training (maximum run distance was 18 kms..for non-marathon runners, you usually train up to 37 kms in one run) and came in with a 3 … Read More