Beauty of Beginnings – July 10th | Beauty of Beginnings

I am currently in an enquiry about my use of absolutes. Always, never, absolutely. I have slipped into the habit of being cavalier with my use of these words. In a word where we have con men for leaders – not just of nations but of our industries – there are real truths  – Finite planet, non renewable resources, economic … Read More

Beauty of Beginnings – June 27th | Beauty of Beginnings

When no means no. Remember when you were a child and your parents or guardian would say no and mean NO? Remember when they would say no and mean maybe? We, as children, from a very early age, might have pushed the NO to check its alignment, but we knew the difference between a NO and a no = maybe.  … Read More

4 Conversations to enable your team to produce exponential outcomes in a world where human work is being replaced by technology | Exponential Outcomes for Teams

As we are entering a world where humans will be replaced with technology, the few areas that robotics and AI will not be able to address, at least in the immediate term, are the very human qualities. Trust, care, respect, empathy, synergy, creativity, resilience and heart felt connection. For those who care about the relevance of the future of humanity, … Read More

Beauty of Beginnings – January 17th

Threshold crossing is a part of regular life. We cross the threshold from sleep to awake. From morning to evening. From our private inner life to our outer expression. There are some thresholds that we skip across, and some that we are dragged across. Some we long to cross, and many that we might wish we had never crossed. Threshold … Read More

Win Win Win – going for the infinite game

Holding the space for a win win win and the infinite game is a way of being in life. To sincerely come from the place of triple win we must have transcended our need to win over someone or something. From the outset, this principle of the triple win demands that we stay in the conversation until all three parties … Read More

Attended to

Relationships do not break down in one fell swoop. Just as atrocities do not start large. The signs are evident, but for want of attention. We neglect to attend to the things that we want the most. This is how we sabotage. We shut down the small whispers that tug at our consciousness in the dark hours. The odd feeling … Read More

How to say NO – rule #6 have it be an absolute Yes!

To say an absolute Yes to something or someone is not an experience to be taken lightly. When I say a Yes, I need to be sure that every part of my body, mind, spirit, aligned. That there is not one corner, or cell, or mote of dust within me that says no. If there is even a shadow, … Read More

Speak the Truth, walking through the 7 steps

In this webinar I walk Mark through the 7 Steps of Speak the Truth. (ebook available for purchase for $10) Speak the Truth is one module of the two day Dare to Care Workshop. How to speak the radical truth with compassion. (Do I care more about you than what you think of me?) If you have an important conversation … Read More