The antidote to our collective viral rage, to the rise of the dark side

I have rage. It sits like a coiled snake in my blood system, on heightened alert, hissing at any threat even as bland as something that I simply do not like or agree with, ready to strike in a permanent fatal attack of verbal violence. I swear more now than ever, not in comedy, but because of this writhing snake. … Read More

The art of Citizenship, being Democracy and Big Blue Sky

We inhabit a world divided. The chasm multiplies each second. And into the abyss we only see more of the same. More debt, more congestion, more broken down cities, communities, suicides, violence, racism, xenophobia, isolation…..hate. And a contagion of fear… Its 2:23AM and we wake…night after night…the tangled sheets a testament to the turbulence of our being. That something is … Read More

An exploration of brilliance, timing and the future

“Be so brilliant no-one can ignore you.” I heard this comment and thought how easy life would be if it were as simple as that. How hard have I beat myself up for ‘obviously’ being far less than brilliant. But what of brilliance who’s time is too soon? Those pioneers who see a future few other see, and their brilliance … Read More

Fireside Chat, The Coming Global Financial Turbulence, Dr David Martin

On May 9th 2016, Christine McDougall interviewed Dr David Martin on the coming Global Financial Turbulence and what local communities can do to build resilience and parallel economies. You can watch the video of Part 1. It is 1 hour 14 minutes in total.The show notes below show how you can fast forward to certain areas of the video that … Read More

What is ‘cheap’ labor?

  We humans are being called to account. Our system of capitalism – a system that has been built, that could only have been built, entirely on the ability to NOT count for many externalities, such as the cost of Earth to create ‘fossil’ fuels, as well as the cost to release the ‘waste products’ of fossil fuels into the … Read More

Our addiction to coupling – the values of a single life

I am not sure where I found my strong sense of identity. I think it arrived with me at birth. I was never the timid, frightened child. It was me, after all, that held my fists up to ward off the person bullying my older brother, all tiny me, undaunted. You would often find me in trees, high up, alone, … Read More

On the end of dominion, patriarchy and the dominant male archetype

As a child until about the age of 9 I used to go to Sunday School each week. When I was a young teen I went through a Christian/Jesus period, but not for long. In my twenties I started to explore new age things…went to any workshop in town, did a lot of ‘inner’ work, and lived the life of … Read More

The illusion of the bright shiny things

It is built into nature. To be attracted to the bright shiny things. The fish to the lure. The female peacock to the male in full plumage. The male to the female in full youthful and fertile splendor. Perhaps nature, our consummate teacher, has a purpose to this. Perhaps nature wants us to learn that the bright shiny things are … Read More

Future leadership attributes required for rapid change

*ability to see the whole system, not just the enterprise, and how it relates to other enterprises, the local and global economies, the emerging future and the past conditions *ability to empower others to lead, make decisions and take full responsibility for their actions, choices and consequence *leader as steward, not commander *comfort in extreme uncertainty and chaos *capacity to … Read More