The Pattern Integrity that is Uniquely You

Part 1. Introduction Tie a knot in a rope and you have a pattern of a knot. If you tie the same knot in any material it will produce the same pattern. The pattern is not dependent on the material…rope, shoe lace, fishing line, cooked noodles. The pattern of the knot is made visible by the medium. A loop in … Read More

Developing your Listening Intelligence, Part 2.

In Part 1 we introduced the idea that we have in our Western Culture very poor listening skills, and similarly, very poor speaking skills. This article is about creating the ability, with practice, to be able to tune into what is actually going on in a conversation in the moment, to speak directly to what is occurring and to do … Read More

On Integrity

Integrity…I would have thought that to live in integrity was not that hard a gig. Seems I am wrong. Seems that integrity is the toughest gig in town. Not only that, but that it is rare. It demands of you your best. And more. It demands of you that you say no to a lot of things, and yes to … Read More

Resurrecting the language of the sacred in a post-truth world

When I was a little girl I used to go to Sunday school. I don’t remember much about it, except that we would dress up for this occasion. At the time we lived in the West Coast of Tasmania, where it was very cold and very wet. Religion was never discussed in our family. Sunday school was more of a … Read More

Integrity in marketing

Posted on his Facebook page, this comment by Michael Richardson created a very significant and rich dialogue. Okay, so I just decided to no longer prostitute my email address for “free stuff”. Everyone and her mother in the, cough, “spiritual community”, is putting on “Free Teleseminars or Calls” or some such bs. Well, it’s not free. My email address, a … Read More

The Sacred Art of Creativity

A long time ago, when I was a novice coach, I had a download hit about how to show up in a ‘sales’ conversation. I had been struggling with how to ‘sell’ my services. But I had the dynamic wrong. It was not about me at all. It was not about me forcing myself on people.  It was about the … Read More

Take Your Time – Challenging the way we see through art

On my last trip to Sydney I was given a gift of experience. One of my teachers often said that great gifts come in small brown paper packages. This was one of those small brown package gifts. Meeting up with the awesome Gavin Blake, Graphic Facilitator extraordinaire, he invited me to go to the Sydney Museum of Contemporary Art , … Read More

The Principle of Exchange -Creating a Win Win Win in all relationships

Unfortunately our society has slipped into ever increasing levels of entitlement. The ~I deserve~ society. Or, ~I am owed~. Or, pure and simple, ~give me!~. This approach is really a “dis-ease” state, breaking the natural law of dynamic equilibrium, where the equation is strongly pitched to the take side, with almost complete neglect of the give side.