The cost of not having the conversation

*the longer you delay, the bigger the issue becomes, the more likely the conversation when had will be explosive. I have seen the unspoken be carried for decades. Imagine living decades with the weight of not speaking up as part of your every day? *the energetic stagnation of blocking the flow of words and keeping them trapped inside will poison … Read More

Our addiction to having an vengeance

Imagine this world for a moment…where enemies were the rare rare exception…? No enemy…no one person trying to get you…or no effort being spent trying to get another person. No trillions being spent on killingry. On some quasi protectionism…like the NSA’s urge to listen to everyone and everything…that this is supposed to make people ‘feel’ safe. No revenge. Imagine all … Read More

To sell or to invite, seduce or attract -marketing that honours sovereign choice

If we assume that people are sovereign beings, able to make their own choices, able to discern what is appropriate for them in this moment, then we will approach sales and marketing in a completely different way. Rather than sell, rather than use spin, seduction and clever tricks, we will invite participation. We will respect each individual and their ability … Read More

Exile – invite the exiles home – live whole

I remember, like most parents, the first time I looked into my new born daughters eyes. I was not prepared, like most parents, for the overwhelming feelings of love. I was also stunned by the return look my daughter gave me. It was long, it was deep, and it seemed to say to me…“I know everything. I am the wise. … Read More

We have outsourced leadership to those who have lost kinship

Unless a leader connects fully and deeply with the community they serve they are not a leader, they have become a tyrant. Anything unchallenged will become tyrannical. Unchallenged leaders of banking and finance; unchallenged money in politics; unchallenged celebrity status; unchallenged institutions that were designed to serve…all of these will fall into the pit of tyranny, not in one fell … Read More

What is free – without cost?

Is there such a thing as free? This question was my morning reflection as I sat watching the sun rise over the Pacific Ocean. I am not sure I have arrived at the answer, as this is a rich question, worthy of deep reflection. These are my musings for now. I invite comment, to expand the dialogue. As a life … Read More

The lost years – Maybe our stories are not real

  Maybe the story you have been telling yourself about how your Boss, the Board, or your spouse’s mother doesn’t like you or the job your are doing…is not real? Maybe you are spending your days and nights worrying about something that doesn’t exist? All that time and heart ache…for ghosts. Or not. Why not ask them? Sure, they may … Read More

Words and labels matter – let’s not put lipstick on a pig

I love words. I love that they help us form relationships, expand perspectives, create art. My training with Buckminster Fuller ensured I did not take words lightly. Bucky went silent for 2 years, refusing to speak…he wanted to be sure that when he finally came back to words he would speak with precision. He would rather NOT be understood than … Read More

The power of vulnerability – the vulnerability of power

No matter what heights we reach in life we all start naked and completely and utterly dependent. There is an amazing intelligence behind our complete neediness in our formative years. For later, when we are basking in our hubris and cock sure attitude, the fall back to vulnerability will not be for the very first time. Vulnerability is not some … Read More