The only way to be alive

When I was very young I recall with clarity a moment in time where I saw the world I wanted and inhabited at the same time as I saw the world the world wanted me to see and live. I was clear in that moment that I was being asked to fit into a certain shape. To not do this, … Read More

Convening and co-ordinating to create the change we need

Most people want to be able to bring their value to the world. They want to be seen for what they have to contribute. Many people know that we face massive disruption – think 3D printing, the internet of things, distributed energy, open source, climate change, crypto currencies, blockchain, food security, the breakdown of our current economic system…. Some people … Read More

On Spaciousness

To squeeze a life full to the brim of schedules, meetings, tasks and to-do lists is to dishonour the geometry of relationships, where spaciousness is essential to existence.  

Epic Stories, Angry Gods

Sometimes the dawn sky tells an epic story, one of angry Gods, blood spilled on thick dark clouds, whispers of light desperate to seep through.  And yet a calm ocean…as if all in the heavens are seething while we go about our lives in untethered and often painful ignorance. If I were the Gods I might well be seething with … Read More

The heart-work of images imprisoned within you

“The work of the eyes is done. Go now and do the heart-work on the images imprisoned within you.” ― Rainer Maria Rilke I was listening to Rilke as I ran the curve of the ocean shore. I will never tire of the early morning, the sun in its constancy. For as long as there has been our Earth, she … Read More

Is it possible to make everyone powerful in an organisation?

There is a lot of talk about empowerment in business. To bring into the condition of power. Empowering people. Nice, better than nothing…but what if we shifted from empowerment, to giving people power? If we removed hierarchy and operated businesses as a living organism? You know, like nature has done for a few billion years? Trust would have to be … Read More

Dollars for time – the indignity of transaction economics

Do you love it? Being reduced to a dollar amount for your precious time? Is this the life meant for the bright eyed baby who is hungry to share themselves in their wholeness with the world? But if not this model, then what? What is the alternative? We want to bring our whole selves to work. All of our skills … Read More

Perhaps we can learn from water

I have been thinking a lot about water. Flow. Ease. Without effort. Water flows. And if it doesn’t have a path to flow, it stops for a time, until it either dries up, or there is extra water added and it flows again. If it comes to a rock, it flows around. Or over. In so doing the flow may … Read More

The call for Beautiful Business

We humans know beauty…we know when we look at a sunrise, sunset, Crimson Rosella (see photo), a river meandering through a forest…that what we are seeing is beautiful. We know the beauty of our child’s smile…of laughter. Great music…the taste of our favourite food. We know the beauty of art…and love…touch… It is in the recognition and celebration of beauty … Read More