Abundance is an inside job

I woke in the very early hours of a morning this last week aware of a hollow feeling in my body. It felt like the whole of my chest cavity was empty. This for me is the feeling of scarcity. An emptiness. It is often also accompanied with fear and panic. As I mentioned in the last blog, I have … Read More

Unleashing true brilliance in an organisation

Look at any organisation, team, family unit or business, and you will certainly find the following. Interpersonal conflict Lack of clarity of purpose, direction, project parameters Blame of others or the system Miscommunication Conflicting worldviews, perspectives and cultures The amount of energy that is lost to these communication and people issues is immense. Loss in time, energy, effort, inefficiency, focus.  … Read More


Valentines Day. 2012. What’s love got to do with it? No matter your status, single, coupled, an anti valentine kind of person…or whatever… the least we can do today is to make a commitment to LOVE. More. Make a vow today to BE love. To smile in kindness at everyone, or at least at one total stranger. Be brave. Send … Read More

deScrooging Christmas, or any day..

Don’t you love the experience of being gob smacked by people surprising the heck out of you in the best way? Today I met with a long standing client who is a senior executive in a big Australian Corporate. He is on his 3 months long service leave, and was in my area, so we made time for a coffee. … Read More

..the dance between evolution and equilibrium..

The often over used word, equilibrium, is defined by the American Heritage Dictionary as “any condition in which all acting influences are cancelled by others resulting in a stable, balanced, or unchanging system.” Equilibrium is not inactivity, but rather dynamic balance. The balance can be in the domains of physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual. Life is filled with fluctuations towards … Read More