Sky drama – the beauty of pure raw emotion

Even the sky has drama. One day clear and blue, another angry and yellow. But do we judge the sky for its drama? Do we try to change it? Or can we see the beauty in the drama? That the dark clouds and the passage of light make something so unique and unforgettable. Human emotion is like the clouds….some days … Read More

Violence is what happens when we don’t know what to do with our suffering.

“Violence is what happens when we don’t know what to do with our suffering.” Parker Palmer Sometimes when we read the truth it is so obvious that we cannot believe we didn’t seen the connection before. This was my response to this quote. Of course. Of course. Sure there are a small number of people who are sociopaths and psychopaths. … Read More

Attention without feeling is only a report

“Attention without feeling is only a report” Mary Oliver One of the saddest aspects of our current commercial, success, status and achievement based culture is that we have taught millions of kids, mostly men, to grow up completely disconnected from their heart, feelings and intuition. In a recent experience I came to realise that I was being seen not as … Read More

Creating a safe space where the wild part of us can make an appearance

We each have a wild part of us. Raw, instinctual, unrefined. Able to live off the land, to survive against odds. It has a home territory. It shy’s away from anything that is not known, from crowds, and noise…it looks out at the world as an observer. It will not come out until the course is clear. Our wild animal … Read More

The subject tonight is love – love in context

A word used like common table salt, often without any connectivity to genuine emotion. A word that signifies a force greater than comprehension. Bucky Fuller said that love was metaphysical gravity. Before we modern English speaking humans reduced love to one word that is supposed to capture an entire Universe of contexts, the Greeks used many words to describe different … Read More

The blues can be beautiful too

To wake and feel blue might be experienced as a problem, or a gift. Those blue moods are calling out to us…warning of some part of self that needs attendance. Look… here…..go deeper…go down into the messy dark places that never see light.. For there…there is a pulse of an ancient memory that longs to be seen. And in the … Read More

The archetype of the guest – a forgotten art

Have we forgotten how to be guests? To be invited to join? To bow in gratitude at being invited? To honour the host? Have we forgotten that to be invited is an honour? That you get invited while others do not? That effort has gone into the occasion of which you have been invited? Do we show up as a … Read More

Beauty is the portal to transcendence

It matters not what mood we are in, how life seems to be unraveling in this moment, how despair and grief may be the shadow across any whisper of hope. If we can make room to experience beauty, we are saved.

On Spaciousness

To squeeze a life full to the brim of schedules, meetings, tasks and to-do lists is to dishonour the geometry of relationships, where spaciousness is essential to existence.  

How do we give wild flight?

There is a part of each of us that is wild. Rough, raw, prone to fury. Uncontained. This morn reminded me of my wildness. It reminded me of the few places in society we can allow our wildness to live out loud. Perhaps dancing in your living room. Or running a trail. Attending a music festival. Camping, hiking. The need … Read More