Beauty of Beginnings – August 4th | Beauty of Beginnings

Wisdom Lies steady below the noise of a thousand voices. Those voices of friends and colleagues telling you which way to go, what to do. And those voices inside – the crowd of you – your voice of fear, of safety, of protest, of anger… Access to wisdom is to drop below the voices…to go to the still silent space…the … Read More

Beauty of Beginnings – August 3rd | Beauty of Beginnings

A sweet spot for creativity to arise.. Within boundaries. Creativity loves constraints. Even though we may not like them and seek instead for unfettered conditions and wild abundance of money and time in order to create.. With space. Creativity love a vacuum. An empty field. A white page. Boredom. These two conditions might appear contradictory. They are not. It is … Read More

Beauty of Beginnings – August 2nd | Beauty of Beginnings

There are days when beauty stops you in your tracks. Everything else disappears. All those scavenger thoughts that have been occupying your being. The anxieties and doubts, the darkness of being somewhere else but here. To discover the infinity extraordinary unfolding of a new leaf. A bird song. A weed persisting to live in a concrete field. There is too … Read More

Beauty of Beginnings – August 1st | Beauty of Beginnings

On partnering. The gardener tends to the soil, which may take weeks or years. It needs to be alive, rich in bacteria and worms before it is ready to become the foundation for plants that thrive. The relationship between the gardener, the soil, the Earth, worms, an exquisite one of care and respect, held in the dynamic of partnership. … Read More

Beauty of Beginnings – July 31st | Beauty of Beginnings

Hope. We only need the smallest slither of hope to slowly begin to disassemble despair. In times of darkness hope requires cultivation. Seeking for evidence of hope, shining the spotlight on hope, nourishing it when found. Hope cultivated grows goodness and life out of concrete fields of brokenness. Like a small seed, hope will propagate in barren soil with tenacity. … Read More

Beauty of Beginnings – July 30th | Beauty of Beginnings

To maintain shape and space there is an intrinsic requirement for tension and compression to exist simultaneously. A beautiful bubble exists in the dance between tension and compression. Our Western rational mind see these two elements as discreet two-ness. The up to the down. The in to the out. The light to the shadow. The good to the bad. We … Read More

Beauty of Beginnings – July 29th | Beauty of Beginnings

Why do all the whales head to warm water each year to calf? And when the bee’s get to go on their honey gathering business each day, do they ever argue that they are done with honey gathering? As the seagull eyes the perfect landing spot, dipping its right wing ever so slightly to circle down, what is motivating it? … Read More

Beauty of Beginnings – July 28th | Beauty of Beginnings

Look to the west and in the dark, romanced by Mars, the Moon is eclipsed by the sun. As the dawn light touches the horizon, and the Red Moon sets, a new day begins. By 6:30am a festival of the heavens has played out. It called people from their warm beds to witness Nature going about Natures magnificence. To know … Read More

Beauty of Beginnings – July 27th | Beauty of Beginnings

The hardest lessons. That the answer is almost always right in front of you. Missed because your not seeing the abundance that is right in front of you. Too obvious. Too regular. Too familiar. That our super skills come as easily as breathing, and because of the strange way our culture places high value on hard work, we discount what … Read More

Beauty of Beginnings – July 26th | Beauty of Beginnings

Being present to the sunrise reminds me that some days she shows up in so much splendour that every cell in my being is humbled. So radiant – demanding that we stop and witness her. Like yesterday. Other days..she is muted. Soft pinks and blues. Calm and peaceful. Like today. Some days she is dark and stormy, the drama queen. … Read More