The antidote to our collective viral rage, to the rise of the dark side

I have rage. It sits like a coiled snake in my blood system, on heightened alert, hissing at any threat even as bland as something that I simply do not like or agree with, ready to strike in a permanent fatal attack of verbal violence. I swear more now than ever, not in comedy, but because of this writhing snake. … Read More

The Longing to be Seen

  March 8th, 2016 Somewhere, long ago I went to seek love from another And in that moment They rejected me. I shrank In that moment my Being was diminished From that small place I told myself A story It went something like this…. “I am not worthy enough to have my basic needs met” In that moment, when I … Read More

Reverence as a Business Practice

Reverence – a deep and abiding respect.  From Latin revereri ‘stand in awe of’ Nature never ceases to floor us. Its profound beauty, its seasons, its mystery. The cycles of birth and death. How easy is it for us to stand and watch a sunrise and be mesmerized, reverent to the perfection of the constancy of the sun’s trajectory and … Read More

Resignation, Doubt and Acceptance

Resignation – I don’t see any possibilities and nothing I do will make a difference. Acceptance – it is as it is. I may not like it, but I am not willing to do anything about changing it. Doubt – can I pull this off? Resignation can be the heartbreak door to acceptance. You show up and show up and … Read More

With knowledge comes responsibility. Responsibility requires action.

I was walking my little dog Milly by the beach at dawn this morning and we came across an injured lorikeet (native Australian bird), unable to fly back into the trees, and therefore a target for dogs and cars. Milly went crazy, thankfully restrained from doing further harm by her lead. Another lorikeet flew down as if to check on … Read More

Sky drama – the beauty of pure raw emotion

Even the sky has drama. One day clear and blue, another angry and yellow. But do we judge the sky for its drama? Do we try to change it? Or can we see the beauty in the drama? That the dark clouds and the passage of light make something so unique and unforgettable. Human emotion is like the clouds….some days … Read More

Violence is what happens when we don’t know what to do with our suffering.

“Violence is what happens when we don’t know what to do with our suffering.” Parker Palmer Sometimes when we read the truth it is so obvious that we cannot believe we didn’t seen the connection before. This was my response to this quote. Of course. Of course. Sure there are a small number of people who are sociopaths and psychopaths. … Read More

Attention without feeling is only a report

“Attention without feeling is only a report” Mary Oliver One of the saddest aspects of our current commercial, success, status and achievement based culture is that we have taught millions of kids, mostly men, to grow up completely disconnected from their heart, feelings and intuition. In a recent experience I came to realise that I was being seen not as … Read More

Creating a safe space where the wild part of us can make an appearance

We each have a wild part of us. Raw, instinctual, unrefined. Able to live off the land, to survive against odds. It has a home territory. It shy’s away from anything that is not known, from crowds, and noise…it looks out at the world as an observer. It will not come out until the course is clear. Our wild animal … Read More