Beauty of Beginnings – May 26th | Beauty of Beginnings

There have been times when my anger has been jet fuel for positive action. Where the injustice has been too big for me too sit on the sidelines and watch. I do not want to be that person who sends their time throwing rocks at the broken system or at the people in the arena doing what they believe is … Read More

Beauty of Beginnings – May 25th | Beauty of Beginnings

I was contemplating the question – if my life was a movie, what would its title be to this point? I have always been interested in truth. What is the truth of this situation? It is such a complex subject because there is global Truth’s and then our perspectival truths. The truth of our experience shaped by our world view, … Read More

Beauty of Beginnings – May 24th | Beauty of Beginnings

The capacity for self reflection is a sign of vertical development. Yet even our advancing skill in this area doesn’t eliminate our blind spots. We say we want peace, and we then take such a stand against anything that we do not agree with with such force that peace quietly and swiftly leaves the room. We say we are stand … Read More

Beauty of Beginnings – May 23rd | Beauty of Beginnings

People gather from around the world to witness dawn. She is the master mesmeriser. She weaves her spell to any who dare to walk past her as she throws her glory down.  She often starts with a small shift in colour, then moves, all to quickly, to a crescendo, and then, in her full glory, we mortals are unable to … Read More

Beauty of Beginnings – May 22nd | Beauty of Beginnings

Open. To possibility. To change. To love. To being challenged To falling down. Anything is possible when you are open. Look to the places where you have closed yourself off. Where the door is fastened so tightly. It might be a belief. A position. A pattern. You will know because when someone pushes on the closed door your entire being … Read More

Beauty of Beginnings – May 21st | Beauty of Beginnings

In the Southern Hemisphere where I live it is autumn. As I think today about the seasons, about how this time of year is often day after day of days like this…blue sky’s that go forever, clean crisp air, warm sun..I also reflect on this time in my life. I am in the place between. That oozy gooie place of … Read More

Beauty of Beginnings – May 20th | Beauty of Beginnings

Making space for the new. When the whisper of change will not be silenced we need to give it space to form. A crowded life crowds out all that seeks to be revealed. Perhaps you might be crowding life because what seeks to be revealed frightens you? What do you need to let go of in order to enable the … Read More

Beauty of Beginnings – May 19th | Beauty of Beginnings

The sky and sun, the clouds and light, even the gulls.. all conspired on this morning to perform opera. From first blush to crescendo there was little the audience could do but be repeatedly stunned by the rapidly changing performance. All of this with the air crisp of autumn of the tropical Southern Hemisphere. And into this beauty I gave … Read More

Beauty of Beginnings – May 18th | Beauty of Beginnings

We need people who love us enough to speak of our behaviours that do not reflect our beauty and truth. We need people who dare to care. They care more about us than they care what we think of them. This is love in action. It takes courage. My life is better for having people who care enough about me … Read More

Beauty of Beginnings – May 17th | Beauty of Beginnings

Finding your tribe. Is finding yourself. Coming home to the truth of what you honour and cherish in yourself. Saying no to all that is not what you honour and cherish in yourself. And YES to what you value above all else. This does not mean that you always agree, because that is not what makes a good tribe. Robust … Read More