Addicted to Speed? The super busy, frantic pace kind of speed.

Addicted to speed, love the Adrenalin rush? The burn of months of full on days, little sleep, insatiable doingness? High from feeling super busy, hard to reach, important? Ego out of control, but under the illusion of total control. Can’t sit still, and if you could, why would you? Sitting still is for other people. You have things to do, … Read More

Living Your Genius. Why do we choose to live a half life?

Genius = latin meaning the spirit of place… the spirit assigned to one at birth.   Everyone has talent. What is rare is the courage to follow the talent to the dark place where it leads.” – Erica Jong   The genius of the individual lies in their ability to inhabit fully their peculiar and particular spirit as they converse … Read More

Love as metaphysical gravity

I do believe Mark Nepo’s “The Book of Awakening” landed in my lap perfectly timed. Today’s read, which I did before arising, hit my heart with the force of beauty and truth that left me gasping. I had to re~read the opening lines multiple times, mostly because my brain/heart/mind froze with a simultaneously deep recognition and an implosion of beauty. … Read More

What are you devoted to?

Devote – late 16th cent. (in the sense [dedicate formally, consecrate] ): from Latin devot- ‘consecrated,’ from the verb devovere, from de- ‘formally’ + vovere ‘to vow.’ Devotion invites a vow. Vows are more high frequency than a promise. Vows are solemn promises.  A vow is an archetype. To make a vow is to place yourself on the alter of … Read More

Personal Power

This is about ‘you’. Not the ‘you’ you are. But the ‘you’ you want to be. The all-powerful you. The all-knowing you. The you who you know deep down you could be. The you at your most dynamic. The you with foresight, with authority, courage, integrity, dignity, heart. Easy words to type. Much harder ones to live up to. You … Read More

Of gifts and dignity, the antithesis of starving in our obesity

The mythology of a market society reverses the picture of  gift society. In a market society…Getting rather than giving is the mark of a substantiative person, and the hero is the ‘self-possessed’ ‘self-made’. So long as these assumptions rule, a disquieting sense of triviality, of worthlessness even, will nag the man or woman who labors in the service of a … Read More

At What Price Integrity in the Workplace

I am reasonably smart women, very well read, able to converse with pretty much anyone on many issues, able to see complexity as well as most of the most able, and yet I feel I  suffer in the world I work in, because I haven’t done a few things. I haven’t: Built a multi million dollar company. Made millions. Held … Read More

The Divided Life -coming home to the whole of us

Our inner work involves bringing all of our broken and disparate pieces back together, back to our core. It doesn’t matter where we start. Starting is what matters. Getting to know all the parts of ourselves and finding acceptance. Or finally looking in the eye of our insecurities, our fears, our self hate, and questioning their dominance of us? Or learning to say NO to what is not on our song sheet, and YES to what is. Learning to know the difference between the two.

The Field Effects of Our Every Action and Thought

  – A process for comprehensive consideration of all that we do, say, think… Part 1. Awaken to and illumination of… This process is to support the awakening of people to the field effects of their every action and thought. If we drop a very small pebble into a pond, ripples will go out from where we dropped the pebble, … Read More