Collaboration is a Super Power

Forget Captain America and the Marvel Hero’s. The stories of the lone hero changing the world simply cannot happen with out a team. Check out this short (6 minute video) as I explain some of the ingredients required to build an exceptional team. Video courtesy of Chris Hogan, Mentor Revolution

2:23AM The Creed

Collaboration, co-operation and synergy are SUPER powers We need to become the leaders we seek Businesses who only engage through WinWinWin are the future Collaboration is easy if you know how Active citizenship is where the TRUE power lies All-in-accounting is the way to build endurance, respect, resilience and love into any enterprise Integrity holds its shape Integrity is the … Read More

Where are you on the road – Apprentice, Journeyman, Master?

Everyone starts at zero. What we fail to consider in our haste-to-the-top world is that moving to Mastery is not just about learning skills. True Mastery is a way of being. We reach Mastery through falling down and getting up again. A thousand times. Or more. This shapes us the person, as much as we learn the skills required. In … Read More

What is ‘cheap’ labor?

  We humans are being called to account. Our system of capitalism – a system that has been built, that could only have been built, entirely on the ability to NOT count for many externalities, such as the cost of Earth to create ‘fossil’ fuels, as well as the cost to release the ‘waste products’ of fossil fuels into the … Read More

Mentor Revolution launches with Big Blue Sky co-founders their first guests

One of the great outcomes from Big Blue Sky was the launch of Mentor Revolution, a podcast (audio and video) featuring local entrepreneurs. My Co-founder from Big Blue Sky, Louise McGregor and I are the first featured guests. And this was filmed at Blackboard Coffee at Varsity, the amazing team behind Big Blue Sky’s F@B.  

On the end of dominion, patriarchy and the dominant male archetype

As a child until about the age of 9 I used to go to Sunday School each week. When I was a young teen I went through a Christian/Jesus period, but not for long. In my twenties I started to explore new age things…went to any workshop in town, did a lot of ‘inner’ work, and lived the life of … Read More

Big Blue Sky – A new model of enterprise

We have been asked a few times ‘What target market is Big Blue Sky relevant to?’ The truth is it cannot be put in a box. We have some of the best speakers in the realms of Innovation, IT, Art, Science, Social issues and Sustainable systems. We are looking at challenges for our City from a holistic perspective that involves … Read More

Big Blue Sky – an event to change a community

Here in 2:23AM HQ we are busy creating an incredible space for people who care enough to take action to come together to take action. We have called it Big Blue Sky. I had been seeking an avenue to bring my unique talents to add the best value to my local community, a place I have chosen, over all other … Read More

The only way to be alive

When I was very young I recall with clarity a moment in time where I saw the world I wanted and inhabited at the same time as I saw the world the world wanted me to see and live. I was clear in that moment that I was being asked to fit into a certain shape. To not do this, … Read More