Descending to the field of calm

Somewhere beneath the chaos is a place of calm. Constant, steady, ever present. We each share this centre. It is the thread that binds us all. I suspect this place of calm is a common field…the field that Rumi wrote of when he said “out beyond the idea of right doing and wrong doing, there is a field….I will meet … Read More

A touch of Grace | Beauty of Beginnings

Grace meets you right where it finds you, but it does not leave you where it found you. Anne Lamont The thing about despair is that the moment we open ourselves to receiving Grace, Grace will find us. That may be as simple as the sunrise. Or a chat with a seagull. It may be the impulse to get out … Read More

Nature brings us to life

We come alive in nature. Even against our will. It is hard not to settle your feet into the ground, to become present to the touch of the breeze, to slow down your breathing. Is it because nature is alive? And in its aliveness it reminds us of our deadness? Our divorce from things that bring us alive? We have … Read More

Embrace the mystery

A wonderful teacher advised me…embrace the mystery. This life of ours is a mystery. We try to order it…to have it be shaped in our image. Wisdom teaches us that this is a fools errand. It was never ours to shape. Rather the path is one of aligning…deep atunement to the essential who of us…the threads of our life…and what … Read More

The path of integrity

There is a problem. Its big. One of those keep you up at night problems. There are some easy solutions, but you know that to take these will violate a deep agreement you have made with yourself. What to do? What to do? In the past you took the easy way. But the price has become to high. This is … Read More

We are all going to die. There us much freedom in this.

There is a stage you reach in your life where you realise that your are going to die. In our youth life is forever. The end is so far away we cannot and do not imagine it. But somewhere in our forties and fifties, if we are lucky, we suddenly realise that we are moving ever faster towards the finish … Read More

Annual Review 2012/2013

  In the last article on 17th December, Endings and beginnings, transit 2012, I wrote a different type of annual review process than the usual ones making the rounds. I do this exercise myself….here is my summary. 2012 was a year of letting go. For most of 2012 there was some resistance to this. 1. At the end of 2011 … Read More

Endings and Beginnings, transit from 2012

2012 is closing. Lets be sure to have it close completely clean.This is a great time to review the year, to sink into the lessons, to really celebrate the wins. And I mean celebrate. (This article was written for my private clients. However, it is a really wonderful way to complete the year, so I thought to share it far … Read More

When Gods Fall

The fall of James Magnussen, Australian Olympic Swim team, London 2012 All of us have at some time fallen hard to Earth. Our hubris, arrogance, superiority and judgement have hit us so hard that we have been left gasping for air, mortified, humiliated, shamed and broken. In the early hours of Monday morning July 30th, Australian time, a team of … Read More

No less than everything

Life is tough. When I started this blog it was with the intention to speak about how to live with integrity against the tide. With Bucky Fuller as my mentor, and some very clean and clear guidelines about what is integrity,  I struggle to maintain my centre so often of late. Sometimes the effort of keeping up a happy face … Read More