Business Relationship Counselling - when you have breakdown at the executive leadership level, between founders, or within a very valued team. Address these breakdowns early because business divorce is expensive and messy. Take action before bringing in the lawyers.

Team Development and Training - to create alignment, coherence, common language, and a clear purpose and strategy. Ideal for teams that are dysfunctional, or need a boost to the next level.

Communication Training for Feedback, Managing Expectations, Onboarding and Conflict Resolution - Most of us are never taught how to manage conflict, expectations, new staff, or elegant and value-added feedback delivery. Most teams and companies do not have a common language set around the skills and tools. 

Would an increase of 30-40% productive focus from your people make a difference to your business? 

Getting the culture and people right will save you money, time, energy, attention, effort, sleepless nights….

The most exponential technology is relationships

Dr. Christine McDougall is one of the most powerful and effective coaches I know. If you are looking to define who you are and to have the courage to declare why you chose the path you are on, then your work with Dr. McDougall will be nothing short of transformative. She is also a cutting edge teacher, creating the space for the men and women in her classes to think beyond the edges of the world they know now. She is a continual learner and seeker herself, always going deeper with her knowledge. And she is willing to share what she is learning and how she is growing in her writing as well in her discourse. Hire this amazing woman if you dare to grow, to know, and to take yourself and your entire organization out of the darkness into a new sense of being and possibility.

Christine stands out for delivering real behaviour change in an industry noted for it's focus on intangible measures. 

In my own experience, Christine achieved significant results with battle hardened and often cynical bankers, becoming a pivotal resource in the Bank's NZ Talent Program. 

As a demonstration of her value, at the end of the company sponsored program, a number of the participants chose to keep working with Christine and to pay for doing so from their own pockets. It is worth reflecting on how many times you have actually seen that happen.

I cannot recommend her highly enough.

CEO, AgForce Qld

Mark Tod

Previous President, ICF Global

 Michael Guerin

National Sales Manager, Stramit

Marcia Reynolds

Over a period of a number of years whilst I worked both with regional communities across Australia and multiple countries across the Pacific Christine was one of the few external professionals I used regularly. Her expertise stood her apart as one of the best coaches I have worked with. Her empathy yet toughness, insight, level of integrity and creativity, genuine interest in superior outcomes, pursuit of value for all she interacted with, honesty in feedback and persistence are aspects of Christine I have come to deeply admire. It takes a real toughness and a strong drive to build what Christine has which is a real testament to her tenacity and capability. I would have no hesitation in strongly recommending her and would always welcome the chance to provide a reference.

What people say

If you want to save yourself these sunk costs, if you want to have people who are self reliant, able to skilfully do their jobs, manage others, handle upset, and give regular and valuable feedback, then make the investment now.

First we will discuss the issues you have, the outcomes you seek, and then craft the process forward.


2. I have a large toolkit of models and skills developed over twenty years

5. Our failure as leaders to invest in the human and cultural issues early, and well, is a big sunk cost.

In the early 2000’s I designed a 2 day workshop, Dare To Care - Radical Truth with Compassion - which was delivered to one of Australia’s largest banks as part of the implementation of its new Performance Management program. The program was so well received we had teams throughout Australia and New Zealand requesting it. It is from this toolkit that I draw the many models available to your team to ensure your team it is equipped with tools and skills relevant to the issues at hand.

1. Because no two situations are the same, I offer unique and bespoke solutions to these problems. 

3. All workshops are interactive, and can be delivered live or virtually.

4. The Business Relationship Counselling process

I have delivered workshops and programs to teams around the world, live and through ZOOM to global virtual teams.

has prevented hundreds of business relationships from reaching irreconcilable breakdown. The process generally takes four sessions in total, and in the delivery enables both/all parties to learn new skills that they can deploy in other relationships.

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