I am writing a book,

Beautiful Business

How to create enterprises for ALL human thriving

I have learned that I become exponentially more effective as a human when I work in synergistic partnership with others. It is the nature of things.

Therefore, I invite you to join me on the writing journey as I craft this book, which I believe will be the template for us to co-create a more beautiful world that our heart knows is possible, and to do so through enterprise.

By joining you will have access to the draft chapters as they are available. You will be able to make comments, ask questions, challenge assumptions, point out gaps and mistakes, suggest stories or tools for inclusion.

You choose the level of contribution you would like to make.

When the book is complete you will be given the book as PDF for free, at minimum.

The draft introduction is already available.

Do join me. I would so love your synergistic contribution.


Beautiful Business, The book creation project

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Join me as I write the book. Become part of the tribe committed to a future that enables 100% success for Earth and all of the creatures upon it.

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