Beauty of Beginnings – July 13th | Beauty of Beginnings

When was the last time you changed your mind about a deeply entrenched belief?

Or…more mildy, when have you been open to having one of your sacred cows up for challenge?

Most of us hold righteous fundamental views about some things.

There are some views worth fighting for. Human justice. Dignity. Sovereign rights. Responsibilities.

There are many beliefs and views that are so enculturated that we fail to question them. They have been embedded in our psyche by others…our family, our community, our religion, our education. Like parasites they attach themselves to our world view, shaping us without us knowing.

In a divisive world being willing to explore our own righteousness is a path towards healing.

Choose your own way as a sovereign human by first noticing what you have not clearly chosen.


Photo Taken July 13th 2018

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