Sky drama – the beauty of pure raw emotion

Even the sky has drama. One day clear and blue, another angry and yellow. But do we judge the sky for its drama? Do we try to change it?

Or can we see the beauty in the drama? That the dark clouds and the passage of light make something so unique and unforgettable.

Human emotion is like the clouds….some days clear, other days angry and dark…

There is beauty to be found in all phases…

In our world where the emotion of anger is taught to be wrong perhaps we can look for the beauty? A person who finds their authentic anger and expresses it without doing harm to another is living in a moment of great beauty.

Any authentic pure emotion is beautiful…pure rage…pure joy…pure jealousy. The disease is the suppressed and half baked emotion.

I want to experience you…the real, the all…the raw…as I want to live the real and raw…


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